Aeroponic and NFT Systems

The difference between Aeroponics and NFT

The NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system is a spray system with a rotating nozzle that continuously sprays a thin layer of water over the root structure of the plant. The roots are exposed to the nutrients in the water due to the continuous feeding cycle. Our NFT systems are specially designed to fit the needs of the domestic market in terms of practicality and cost efficiency.

Aeroponic systems is a pressurised system where water and nutrients create a fine mist that are sprayed on the root structure of the plants. This fine mist allows for optimum nutrient absorption that leads to faster plant growth and higher yields.

The main difference between aeroponics and hydroponics is that the plants in a hydroponic running water system (NFT) only absorbs 40% of the nutrient. The fined atomised mist used in aeroponic systems stick to the root structure of the plants which allows the plant to absorb up to 90% of the nutrients and water. This is why for commercial farming, the aeroponic system will be the best option based on functionality to ensure you can successfully grow large scale high yielding quality crops.

Aeroponic Growing Technology

You can confidently know that what you are eating is the best possible quality due to the nutrients that are misted through oxygen which allows for easy nutrient absorption through the root structure of the plant. There is plenty of oxygen in the growing chamber for roots to absorb, that is one reason why aeroponic plants grow faster and absorb more nutrients than regular hydroponics and soil grown plants.

Our technology uses a solid well tested base of aeroponic growing systems accompanied with a variety of full turnkey greenhouse solutions. The latter is improved by adding further elements in a recirculation vertical system that utilizes gravity and optimize light, air, CO 2 , nutrition and other important contributors to growing healthy plants.